Navigating new waters together
A conversation with Deep Trekker about a partnership of worry-free innovation

About Deep Trekker

Deep Trekker is a manufacturer of underwater remotely operated vehicles and robots, based in Canada. Deep Trekker has always prided itself on innovation and reliability. Spanning across 100+ countries, their remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) have become indispensable tools in diverse industries, from aquaculture to search and rescue missions. Their success is driven by their commitment to quality and their pursuit of cutting-edge technology. That's what has made Deep Trekker a fitting partner for Water Linked

"Our partnership with Water Linked has been transformative." - says Cody Warner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Deep Trekker. "Water Linked is a key technological partner that helps us deliver awesome robots to customers."

Discovering Water Linked's Potential

How did you get to know Water Linked?
"Our journey with Water Linked began when we encountered their Underwater GPS (UGPS). The goal of this USBL technology was to make position tracking easier than ever before, tackling obstacles in underwater positioning from a different perspective. We share the vision of focusing on how to make customer experiences seamless, even if it means breaking traditional technological rules or barriers."

Cody from Deep Trekker

Embracing Innovation Amidst Uncertainty

You were one of the first to order our DVL A50 when we released it on April 1st 2020…

"Yes, since it was released on April Fool’s Day, we first thought it was a joke. It was almost impossible that a DVL could be so small. When we found out that it was actually real, we immediately saw the potential in this innovative product."

"The DVL A50 has since proven to be a game-changer, providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability in underwater navigation. This innovation has not only enhanced the performance of our ROVs but also reinforced our commitment to offering the best solutions to our customers."

DVL A50 on Deep Trekker ROV

A Collaboration Built on Trust and Support

You have been partners with Water Linked for over 5 years now. Could you tell us what sets Water Linked apart? 

"Definitely their commitment to outstanding service and support, and of course the quality of their products."

Could you first tell us more about your experience with Water Linked’s service and support?
"Water Linked’s agility in addressing our needs ensures seamless integration and operational efficiency. Their team is always available to provide prompt and effective support. Direct access to Water Linked's engineering and support teams empowers us to tackle challenges swiftly and effectively. Their expertise is invaluable in maintaining the high standards we set for our products." 

"Furthermore Water Linked's openness to feedback fosters a culture of collaboration, driving innovation and progress. This willingness to adapt and evolve is crucial in our rapidly changing industry. We also value the company’s personal touch that fosters a relationship grounded in mutual respect and trust."

Deep Trekker personnel sit together with Water Linked personnel

Worry-free innovation

You mentioned the quality of the products, could you elaborate?
"We greatly appreciate Water Linked’s dedication to quality, exemplified by their comprehensive warranty plan, which they recently extended to 2 years as a standard to all customers. This also makes it a no-brainer for us to order their new 3D sonar, called the Sonar 3D-15​, knowing that it’s backed by the extended warranty. 

I think you used the term ‘worry-free innovation’ in a social media post recently, and that’s a concept we at Deep Trekker fully stand behind

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