Introducing The Reef's first species: the DVL A50
Blue Robotics unveil their exciting, new concept called The Reef. Watch as Blue Robotics CEO, Rusty Jehangir, tells you more about The Reef and its first featured product.

A while back, Blue Robotics stripped back their product offering to only include own-brand products. After spending some time at the drawing board, their newly revealed concept will see them introduce third party components yet again, only slightly more carefully selected than before.

In their own words, Blue Robotics' marketing team describe The Reef as "...a curated collection of products from some of the most innovative companies in the industry that will take your marine robotics efforts to the next level!".

Seeing as the firs product to be featured on The Reef is the Water Linked DVL A50, we of course wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

Watch the video below for Rusty, CEO and founder at Blue Robotics, to tell you more about The Reef and why the Water Linked A50 was the first species to join it.

10 years of Water Linked
It’s hard to sum up the first, and past, ten years of Water Linked’s existence without mentioning the challenge that still, to this day drives, motivates and unites us on our mission.
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