Wireless sensors for the fish farming of tomorrow

CageSense™ is an entirely wireless smart sensor system for monitoring aquaculture environments. With immediate alerts and an easy-to-use dashboard, you get all the information you need — exactly when you need it.


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Tired of cable tangles, leaks and breakages?

In most traditional environmental monitoring systems, all data is sent via physical cables. With cables comes the risk of cable breaks, resulting in downtime on the alert system and the need for physical repair of the cable. If you want to expand the system with more sensors, it can also be a costly and complicated affair.

The cables also pose a health and safety risk as they are easy to trip over, which can cause damage to both equipment and personnel. Furthermore, the cables can serve as a habitat for microbes that may interfere with the natural marine environment.

The future is wireless and intuitive 

The future of aquaculture must be sustainable. As the spotlight on fish welfare and sustainable practices grows brighter, it's insufficient to just applaud what's working well today — we need to collaborate for continuous improvement.

An important measure is environmental monitoring that provides the crew with quick and reliable alerts in case of deviations and a clear indication of what actions need to be taken at any given time. The fact that communication is now also wireless in addition to being efficient is an innovation for aquaculture.

CageSense™ is the future's wireless and smart environmental sensor system developed to increase productivity and profitability in modern fish farming facilities, while reducing health and safety risks and strengthening sustainability. 

Improved productivity and fish welfare with CageSense™

CageSense™ provides you with a comprehensive picture of fish welfare from several environmental parameters presented to you in real time. An intuitive user interface helps you interpret the data so that you always have an overview and can quickly implement measures if needed, as well as easily document the conditions at the facility in accordance with imposed requirements.

The wireless sensors are easy to install — with flexible expansion when you need to add more sensors for even deeper insight. Cable-free communication combined with an intuitive dashboard makes the job both safer and easier for your crew. In short: CageSense™ brings a new level of control and traceability to your operation.

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CageSense™ — Powered by Water Linked

Underwater wireless communication is a whole different ball game compared to wireless communication in air. The equipment needs to meet high-quality standards to endure the extra stress caused by the water, and the unique underwater conditions add complexity to the task.

With signals having to penetrate up to 200,000 salmon, in conditions characterized by currents and the interference they create, you can compare the signal disruption to trying to hear a delicate symphony over a loud rock band. We have cracked that code with the help of Norwegian technology.

CageSense™ is based on innovative IoT technology developed in Norway by Water Linked. The technology is well documented and provides stable, wireless data transmission underwater in noisy environments. The same technology is used for other purposes by companies all over the world, including NASA, MIT and the US Navy. We take pride in introducing this technology to Norwegian aquaculture, preparing it for future sustainability requirements.

Read more about Water Linked here

Why CageSense™?

The CageSense™ system is completely wireless. The only cables required are the power and data cable going into the Topside unit.

Going wireless with smart environmental sensors will not only make it easier to become a smarter fish farm on your own terms, it will also save you time and money by streamlining the entire operation.

Modernizing your facility to become even smarter, or moving sensors to fine-tune your data harvesting, will be much more cost-effective than before, thanks to the simplified approach of using wireless technology.

No cable breaks mean no additional costs associated with repairing or replacing cables, and downtime caused by cable breaks will be a thing of the past.

The benefits of going wireless are numerous:

  • No additional costs caused by cable breakage.
  • No downtime caused by cable breaks.
  • No clutter with cables or electronic junction boxes on the float collar.
  • Move sensors easily — without the need for new cables
  • Easily expand with more sensors — without the need for new cables.
  • Lower HSE risk.

Sensational battery life of up to 24 months and easy maintenance with wireless charging (Qi charging).

While other wireless systems ask you to choose between fast refresh rates or acceptable battery life, we have used smart IoT technology that only sends data when anomalies are detected. This enables you to monitor the facility for longer periods between each battery charge, without compromising the refresh rate.

When deviations occur, the alert is immediately forwarded to everyone set up to receive it. In this way, you will be alerted the moment a critical environmental change occurs, so you can quickly prioritize necessary measures to avoid damage to the operation.
Without increasing the battery size and thus the size of the sensor probes, we have developed a smart technology that will keep the data flow going longer between charges. Therefore, the sensor probes are estimated to last up to 6-24 months without charging under normal* circumstances.

When it's time to recharge them, we've made the process straightforward with the use of wireless charging. By using smart, wireless sensor probes from Water Linked, you're moving towards becoming a precision fish farm. 

*The test conditions are based on fish farms situated in open waters, distant from coastlines and shallow waters.


Our intuitive user interface is built to give you easy, immediate access to critical information.
Our intuitive graphical user interface is designed to give you a clear visualization of your operation. By being connected either via LAN or the cloud, you always have the data you need available.

Whether you're monitoring multiple facilities, managing a single facility, or even requiring a thorough view of a particular cage, CageSense™ makes it easy and quick to see the status of any facility. By sending notifications to the responsible parties indicating what actions should be taken based on a given scenario defined by the available data, it's no longer up to each shift leader's perception of a potential issue to operate and optimize your facility.

Our dashboard enables immediate damage control, by the book. And even though the user interface is intuitive and easy to understand, all the data fed into the system is available as datasets to be analysed as deeply and intricately as you may wish. 


It has never been easier to install and expand your smart facility. CageSense™ is actually so convenient that you can call it a PnP system.

It's easy to install the CageSense™ system: Just place the receiver antennas in the cage and connect it to the topside unit, both of which are included in your first CageSense™ delivery.

Once the topside unit is connected to a network, either locally or in the cloud, you can simply start adding the serial numbers of the new sensor probes to map them in the system. Once the probes are mapped, you are ready to place them at the designated location in the cage.

The fact that no cables or cumbersome installation is required allows you to install and expand the CageSense™ system in line with your needs in a cost-effective manner.


Get access to unlimited customization with an open API that simplifies integration with other systems and software.

Many believe that a smart sensor setup requires a complex integration to work with your current system. On the contrary, CageSense™ is designed so that you can integrate and send data to virtually any external location with our open and well-documented API.

We indeed believe in open systems. It's just common sense: We understand that when you're running a highly customized operation, the last thing you need is to be locked into our solution in order to utilize all your sensor data and analyses.

Therefore, with a promise to always keep our API open, we will never limit the extent to which you can analyse the data that the CageSense™ system processes.

Increased sustainability without miles of cables in and around the fish farm. 

The more cables, the more mess and tangles. Any unavoidable mess at a fish farm is a hazard for your employees, and an unnecessary risk to health, environment and safety. Avoiding unnecessary cables also makes for a greener industry by reducing the demand for cable production; a manufacturing process that directly impacts the environment.

Similarly, the environment benefits from how our smart sensor probes are specifically designed to avoid damage to the fish cages that can contribute to escapes. It's not just environmentally friendly; it's simply sensible.

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Learn more about what CageSense is and how it could be a valuable asset to optimize your production yield and fish welfare.

What makes up the CageSense™ system 

Smart Sensors

Our smart sensors are revolutionary in the aquaculture industry. With the latest IoT technology, you will always be updated on the status of your fish farm. We produce smart sensors to monitor everything you may need to measure. Our current range of smart sensors consists of salinity sensors including temperature, oxygen sensors including temperature, combined depth/tilt sensors and turbidity sensors.

The Topside Unit 

The Topside unit comes with everything you need to take advantage of your CageSense™ system. The Topside unit can be connected either to the cloud to give you access from anywhere in the world, or by using a LAN connection to provide local access, and requires a power connection to be operational.

Dashboard / GUI

The intuitive GUI solution gives you all the information you need — exactly when you need it.

Get a comprehensive overview of up to 100 sensors on each individual location with the intuitive CageSense dashboard.

Seamless integration and expansion

Our wireless smart sensor system, CageSense™, was developed from the ground up with the aim of optimal user-friendliness and functionality. With many years of valuable experience working in the aquaculture industry ourselves, we were familiar with the typical challenges that come with installing a new, or expanding an existing, monitoring system.

The steps to install, use and even expand our system are simple:

  1. Mount the Topside unit on your barge, place the receivers connected to the Topside in the sea.
  2. Connect the topside unit via cloud/API, LAN or both.
  3. Register each sensor's unique serial number and assign it a position/unit value in the easy-to-use GUI.
  4. Place the sensor at the predefined location.
  5. The system communicates autonomously in an instant, providing you with the readings you need in the GUI on any device with a standard web browser.

    To expand your CageSense™ system, simply repeat steps 3-5.

See how easily the CageSense sensors are charged.

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